“Kids don’t come with a manual” – Book review and giveaway

“Kids don’t come with a manual” – Book review and giveaway.


You know you are a toddlers parent…..

You know you are a toddlers parent…….

Full Time working mummy

The toddler stage of childhood is a marvel to watch, that’s when you aren’t surgically removing lego from your foot, our little cherubic babies have turned into hormonal dictators requiring skills that far outweigh any trained hostage negotiator. You know you are a toddler parent if the following things happen to you:

  • Mealtimes are a specific balancing act of negotiation, bribery, white lies and defeat
  • You didn’t realise a root vegetable could be blended within an inch of it’s life to never look like it originally looked
  • All vegetables and fruit are ranked on their alien powers and their strength to defend the nation
  • Did you not know that food could be smooshed into even the smallest of crevices never to be found again
  • Your chocolate is no longer ever going to be yours and yours alone
  • There will never be a secret stash place for goodies you don’t want…

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